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Track Organic and Sponsored Keywords

When people shop on Amazon, they write their buying intentions into the search bar - unless they are specifically looking for a particular brand, a user will write something like ‘dog bowls for large dogs’ and look at the results.

Making sure your product appears as high in the ranking of these user search terms means more views, and more sales. Keyworx lets you add hundreds of keywords, and track how your products perform for these.

Make Data Driven Marketing Decisions

Step 1 - Research Keywords

Use our Keyword Research feature to find the keywords Amazon recommends as the best opportunities.

Step 2 - Add Your Product and Keywords

Use our simple dashboard to add your ASINs and the keywords you want to track.

Step 3 - Increased Sales With Optimized Listings

See how you are performing, optimize the SEO, learn what works, repeat!

Integrate your data into your own dashboard

We know many companies measure the data in their own way, that’s why we make it easy for you to download your data. We offer:

  • API Endpoint
  • CSV Emailed Daily
  • Custom CSV Download

Keyworx is used by Amazon focussed marketing teams around the world to find and keep the most important keyword rank positions to deliver sales

Our simple to use dashboard makes clear how you’re performing and where the opportunities are.

  • Get insights on your sales opportunities
  • Set alerts for major position changes
  • Track competitor performance
  • Monitor the impact of PPC campaigns on organic rank
  • Track multiple markets

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Keywords are tracked, recorded and updated on a daily basis.

We track the top 320 results on Amazon for each individual keyword (approximately the first 15 pages.)

Yes, you can input any ASIN or keyword, including those of your competitors. They will be tracked and reported in the same way as your own, giving you a powerful method of competition research and reverse engineering what has worked for similar products.

No. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Currently we have the option to track Keywords in the United States (.com), United Kingdom (, Germany (.de), France (.fr), Spain (.es) and Italy (.it). More markets to be added in future, send us an email and discuss!

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