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The #1 Amazon Ranking Tool

KeyworX Is The Most Powerful And Versatile Amazon Ranking Tool, Perfect For All Teams From Small Startups To Global Corporations Tracking 1000'S Of ASINs Per Month

Find Out What Really Works & Take Action With Confidence Thanks To Intelligent Keyword-Based Product Tracking

Analyse Any Product’s Organic Rankings Over Time With Powerful And Easy-To-Use Data Sorting.

What Is KeyworX?

KeyworX Is The Future Of Amazon Rank Tracking Software, Allowing Businesses To Reverse Engineer Every Success And Failure & Providing Easy, Instant Insights On Which Marketing Strategies Will Work, And Which Are A Waste Of Time!

Keyword Tracker

KeyworX uses the most accurate and up-to-date keyword data to locate the most relevant and profitable keywords for you to rank for in Amazon's search engine.

#1 Amazon Rank Tracker

We give you the power to analyse any product’s organic rankings over time and easily and reliably pick up powerful long-term insights on what works.

Analyse Your Marketing

Our powerful analytical suite allows you to make data driven changes to your Amazon products & increase profits by 2,000% or more in the process.

Why KeyworX?

We planned, designed and built Keyworx after identifying a desperate need that was not being adequately fulfilled in the market. Working in the Amazon ranking and marketing industry for years, we realised that businesses couldn’t affordably, reliably and conveniently track & manage their keywords. While many solutions existed, they were mostly expensive, limited in features and had a weak focus on user experience.

There was also a disheartening lack of high quality tutorials, training, case studies, and other educational resources that made it simple and easy to rank a product in Amazon. Concerned about this huge gap, we put our money where our mouth is and built an Amazon rank tracking tool that eliminates all of the barriers and difficulty involved in analysing your marketing strategies, giving you immediate and easy to understand insights on how to increase your rankings and profits!

That’s why
KeyworX Helps You Find Out Which of Your Marketing Strategies Work, Which Don't and How To Replicate & Scale The Techniques That Do, Making Amazon Growth Easier Than Ever!

Our Amazon rank checker accurately tracks and reports on all organic keyword positions inside of Amazon, giving you easy access to the exact keyword positions that are the difference between a passively profitable Amazon business and one that is only breaking even or worse. We also directly show you what keywords will result in the most sales, and offer insight into more efficiently targeting these keywords!

All of this allows your business to reinvest in, replicate and scale the methods that work, while disregarding those that don't, saving you money and helping to stimulate growth in the long term, all for one of the lowest subscription costs of any Amazon research tool.

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Keywords are tracked, recorded and updated on a daily basis.

We track the top 320 results on Amazon for each individual keyword (approximately the first 15 pages.)

Yes, you can input any ASIN or keyword, including those of your competitors. They will be tracked and reported in the same way as your own, giving you a powerful method of competition research and reverse engineering what has worked for similar products.

No. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Currently we have the option to track Keywords in the United States (.com), United Kingdom (.co.uk), Germany (.de), France (.fr), Spain (.es) and Italy (.it). More markets to be added in future, send us an email and discuss!

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