What is the Amazon’s Choice Badge (and How to Win It)

The “Amazon’s Choice” badge is a designation given by Amazon to products that are highly rated by customers for a specific search term.

It helps products stand out in search results, and gives them a nice boost of credibility to Amazon customers:

The Amazon’s Choice Badge also shows up on the listing page itself:

Of course, if you’re selling products on Amazon it would be super helpful to earn this badge on your listing. So how can you get this special badge on your Amazon product listings?

First, you have to know how the Amazon’s Choice badge works…

The Amazon’s Choice Badge is Keyword Specific

If you take away one thing from this article, it should be that the Amazon’s Choice badge is keyword specific. For example, there is an Amazon’s Choice for the search term “garlic press”:

But Amazon’s Choice for “extra large garlic press” is an entirely different product:

So just saying a product is “Amazon’s Choice” isn’t really meaningful without knowing which keyword(s) you’re referring to.

The Importance of Search Volume on Amazon Choice

You could win the Amazon’s Choice badge for heavy duty left handed garlic press for dwarves, a term with zero search volume, and have no added sales for your business.

On the other hand, you could be Amazon’s Choice for kitchen gift and be attracting several hundred highly qualified Amazon customers to your product listing each month:

The Amazon’s Choice badge is determined by a number of factors, including positive customer reviews and ratings, sales data, and product popularity. In order to receive the badge, a product should meet a high standard of quality and customer satisfaction.

How to Win the Amazon’s Choice Badge

To win the Amazon Choice badge, your product should be:

  • Amazon Prime eligible (for fast shipping)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Low return rate
  • Many positive reviews and ratings
  • High conversion rate on relevant keyword searches
  • Strong sales velocity

The easiest way to become Prime eligible to is use Amazon FBA fulfillment centers to ship your item. Amazon will then distribute your products to their fulfillment centers around the country, and every time a unit sells they will be shipping it to the customer from the closets possible fulfillment center.

There is no hard and fast algorithm to follow, you’ll want to try to try to hit as many of these categories as you can to get the badge. If we had to pick one criteria to focus on, it would be positive product reviews. Reviews are just so important to success on Amazon (and ecommerce in general).

How to Track Your Amazon’s Choice Badges

Now that you know how import the Amazon’s Choice badge is, you’ll probably want to know how to keep track of which listings of yours have the badge (and of course, for which keywords). That’s where Keyworx shines.

Our Amazon keyword rank tracker also monitors your product listing badges, including Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller. Simply input your ASIN and the keywords you’d like to track. Our keyword tracker will monitor how many keywords get Amazon’s Choice each day:

You can even set up alerts, so if a product you’re selling loses the Amazon’s Choice badge you can take action and try to reclaim the badge.

The Amazon Choice badge is intended to help shoppers make informed decisions about their purchases, and it has become one of the most trusted symbols of quality on Amazon. As a result, the badge can be extremely useful for both shoppers and brands.

The Amazon’s Choice Badge and Echo Dot or Alexa

One huge benefit of earning the Amazon Choice badge is that voice search on Echo Dot devices will default to the Amazon’s Choice item for any search term you give it. If you ask Alexa,

“Hey Alexa, order me some new coffee filters”

Alexa will take your voice command and turn it into an Amazon order for “coffee filters.” How does it decide which product to purchase? You guessed it: Amazon Choice for that specific keyword.

Another Important Badge: the Best Seller Badge

The Amazon Best Seller Badge is another important badge that sellers can earn on their product listings. The badge is granted to products that have achieved a high rank for a specific category, and it can be extremely helpful for attracting potential buyers.

In order to receive the Amazon Best Seller Badge, a product must be the top selling item in a category or subcategory. The badge is intended to help shoppers find products that have sold a ton of units, and in turn are trusted by many customers. It is a valuable addition to any product listing, and can be earned in addition to the Amazon Choice badge.

You can see the Amazon Best Seller badge in search results:

as well as on the product listing page:

How to Get the Amazon Best Seller Badge

Unlike the vague criteria for the Amazon’s Choice Badge, to win the Best Seller badge, you really only need to meet one criteria: sell more units than any other item in your category.

Of course, the category you are placed in has a huge impact on how hard the Best Seller badge is to earn. If you can open a case in Seller Central with Amazon Seller Support to move your ASIN into a less competitive category, that is one way to “game the platform” and make it easy to get the badge.

In general, most Amazon best sellers are:

  • Shipped by Amazon FBA
  • Well priced products with many positive reviews
  • Also likely to win the Amazon Choice Badge for many relevant keywords
  • Have a long history of high sales velocity

Amazon’s Choice vs Best Seller Badge: Which is Better?

Both of these badges are great for building credibility with Amazon customers, and you can even earn them both on the same product listing. They really stand out in search, by drawing the customers eye to the upper left corner image of the Amazon search result:

The important thing to note is that Amazon’s Choice is keyword specific, while Best Seller is category specific.

So if you win the Amazon Choice badge for the relevant keywords garlic press, customers will only see the badge when they search for this specific keyword.

On the other hand, if your garlic press product listing is the best seller in the “Kitchen Gadgets” subcategory, customers will see the badge any time your ASIN shows up in search results (no matter the search terms they are looking for).

Final Tips for a Winning Amazon Product Listing

To optimize your product listing for Amazon SEO, you’ll want to focus on earning the Amazon’s Choice Badge and the Best Seller Badge. These badges can help increase your visibility in search results as an Amazon seller, and attract potential buyers.

In order to earn the Amazon’s Choice Badge, make sure your product is eligible and meets the criteria listed above. The Best Seller Badge is a little easier to obtain, as you only need to sell more units than any other item in your category.

To increase your chances of earning either badge, focus on creating a quality product that is well-priced and has many positive reviews. You’ll also want to make sure your product listing is fully optimized for Amazon SEO with a rich description, features, bullet points, and list of back end keywords.

Lastly, you’ll want to track your Amazon keyword rankings and badges with a tool like Keyworx. Sign up today and start monitoring your rankings with our best in class keyword tracker.