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Benefits Of Cloud-Based Technology Solutions

Businesses that use cloud-based technology are making more money than those that don’t.  This isn’t our opinion, it’s a reality.

study taken by Dell has shown:

Organisations that invest in big data, cloud, mobility, and security enjoy up to 53 percent faster revenue growth than their competitors.

Now that we have seen this, we can’t quite get our head around why businesses continue to operate using outdated systems.

In 2018 Forbes predicted:

83% of worldwide enterprises will be using cloud-based solutions by 2020.

They were proven correct with studies showing up to 90% of companies using cloud-based solutions in 2019.

Cloud computing has become common terminology in recent times.  The explosion of data in the digital era has meant that it has become challenging for businesses to keep track of it all.  Hardware solutions are holding businesses back.

For those that are still hesitant to switch over to cloud computing solutions, here are all the major advantages of implementing them into your business.

The Cloud Is A Secure Solution

A lot of businesses have a fear that cloud-based technology solutions are not as secure as having the data stored on their machines.

If we can access this data remotely, surely everyone else can?

One of the major benefits of using the cloud is that it focuses on protecting your data all of the time.  The same cannot be said for your regular security system.  In-house protection has to divide up the processing power between a whole series of computer activities.

Image Source

Cloud-based systems do not have this problem and is able to efficiently guard your data.

Further to this, the cloud encrypts your information once it’s stored online, preventing the risk of a data breach.  Anyone that does not have access to your files cannot get in.  There are often extra security measures that a user can manually input to make their data even more secure.

Finally, keeping files online prevents a lot of in-house theft.  It’s rare but it can still happen.  Employees can be responsible for accessing sensitive data they shouldn’t be able to.  Having off-site protection prevents this from happening.  The cloud will allow them give read-only access if needed, so there is no need for making a copy.

The Cloud Prevents Data Loss

We have created a chart on the leading causes of data loss, based on the numbers from MSWHS:

As you can see, the biggest cause of data loss is by hardware failures or a when system goes down.  Especially if you haven’t saved your work for a while, a lot of time has been lost.  Worst of all, this data may not be recoverable.

By using off-site technologies, you are able to able to access all of your data by any internet connection.  Even if your systems do go down, you can continue with ease.

Take a look at the second biggest cause of data loss is because, as humans, we are prone to error.  On a local drive, all your data is tied to a single location.  It is not uncommon for people to make a mistake now and then.  Sometimes they are small and unnoticeable, other times they can be potentially damaging.  If you loss a file, it could be a while before realising.

The cloud will be making regular backups of your data.  If you accidentally delete or override a file, you will automatically have a previous version to load.  Normal systems do not run back ups as regularly as the cloud.  Not only does this prevent data loss, potential hackers will be put off trying to get access to your system.

The Cloud Saves You Money

41% of businesses say that one of their biggest concerns over switching to a cloud-based technology is over managing costs.

This is a high number so if you are part of this, you can be safe you’re not the only ones thinking it.

It can be easy to be put off by looking at initial costs only, and the time it will take to transfer all your information over.  However, there is a bigger picture to consider.  Once you have got everything you need onto the cloud, it becomes far easier to access all your data.  As the saying goes, ‘time is money.’

Cloud systems will often have advanced features that can only be accessed by having a ‘premium’ account.  You don’t have to buy these features if your business has no need for them; only pay for the items or space you are going to use.

Online solutions will save you a lot money in the long term, even if the costs seem like a lot upfront.

KeyworX technology has been designed to suit all business sizes.  If you’re in the Amazon sales space, you won’t find a keyword tracker better in terms of quality and value for money.

The Cloud Encourages Teamwork

If you’re in a team, especially a big one. it’s pointless working individually.  Above all else, it’s inefficient.

Cloud-based computing makes it simple for your team members to work together.  They will be able to view and share data with each other.  As we have already seen, you can be comfortable that your data will remain secure all the while.

But we already have systems in place for our team to collaborate.

We can assure you, it is a lot less effective than using a cloud-based solution.

The Cloud Is Portable

There will be times when team members may not be able to make it to the office.  If this is the case, they may not have their laptop or PC, so no way to access the data they need.  Without the cloud, they would be stuck.  Off-site solutions will enable staff to stay in the loop.

Interesting statistic:  did you know

Over 2.4 billion people now own a smartphone

It’s never been so easy to connect to the internet to keep up to date with business activities.  The cloud enables portable access so you will never miss anything important.

In particular, our keyword rank tracker tool can be used anywhere in the world.  If you need to check on your product rankings on-the-go, we’ve got you covered.

For staff that must travel on a regular basis, they will never be too far away from any updates that could change their plans.

The Cloud Is Flexible

Salma Jafri from Entrepreneur has come up with a three-task rule that business owners must follow to prioritise daily tasks.  They are:

Money tasks keep your business running, marketing tasks grow your business and spiritual tasks keep you, the owner, sane.

Do any of the three tasks include micro-managing your IT systems?  No.

Your business has only a limited amount of focus to divide between all of its responsibilities.  Current IT solutions and infrastructures might be making too much of your attention away from your business goals.

If you were to hire a third party to take care of your IT matters, you will get the valuable time you need to concentrate on achieving your goals.  The cloud offers businesses more flexibility versus hosting on a local server.

The Cloud Has Access To Data Analysis

Data analytics is becoming more and more important and cloud-based solutions are becoming key players in discovering patterns in data.

The amount of information readily available has increased dramatically in the digital age.  With all the generic data that is floating around, there will be key pieces waiting to be discovered.  If you were to manually sieve through it all, you could be there for a very long time.

According to a survey taken by EMA,

56% of respondents have identified their organization as having cloud-based analytics as currently adopted and essential, or currently adopted and important in their organisation.

Cloud-based solutions will often have analytics tools built in to give you a clear view of what the data is saying.  The information can easily be presented to enable you to make key business decisions.

You may need to improve internal business operations, such as using exploring the reasons why employees are not meeting targets.  Cloud-based solutions can help identify the problem so a solution can be found and implemented.

The analytics could also be used externally in terms of CRM, such as identifying preferences and tailoring strategies to give them what they are looking for.

Here at KeyworX, our solution enables users to track their Amazon keyword performance based on the built in data analytics.  Contact us to start building automated Amazon businesses.

The Cloud Is Environmentally Friendly

Image Source

Businesses are becoming more and more aware they need to be leaving less of a carbon footprint on the environment.  Cloud-based technology is a solution to this problem.

The cloud is based on running virtual services rather than powering physical hardware.  This means that there is less energy going to waste.  Because it can be accessed with any sort of internet connection, you and your employees are improving your energy usage efficiency.

According to a study taken at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,

If all American businesses moved their email programs, spreadsheet applications, customer management software and the like to centralized off-site servers, companies would shrink their computing energy footprints by 87 percent.

That is enough to satisfy the 23 billion kilowatt-hour annual appetite for the city of Los Angeles.

The Cloud Automatically Updates Features

This is like an added bonus to using the cloud.

A lot of hardware systems must wait for all their updates to be installed in order to get access to them.  It can be very annoying getting an email from the IT team saying how you must restart your machines immediately because of a new update  This can end up taking up a lot of unnecessary time.

With online technology, these updates will be updating automatically in the background without you noticing any dips in performance or difficulty accessing information.  You will be saving both time and money

The Cloud Gives Your Business A Competitive Edge

A lot of businesses are still stuck in the past and will not switch their systems over to a cost-cutting, efficient cloud solution.

All the advantages we have discussed will place you above your competitors.  By the time they realise that they need to catch up, you are miles ahead.

Start using cloud-based computing to enhance your business operations and give yourself an edge over the competition.