How to Increase Amazon Conversions

What Is A Conversion Rate?

To put it bluntly, this is a metric that Amazon uses to basically tell if your product is good or not.

It measures how many people buy your product compared to those who view it.

Amazon calculates the conversion rate by the following formula:

Having a good conversion rate is important for getting your product ranked higher in Amazon’s search results.

As we know from our complete SEO guide published previously, Amazon’s A9 algorithm is looking at three critical factors when it comes to product listings:

  • Relevancy
  • Visibility
  • Conversions

One of the ways it does this is by looking at keywords.

The more a product is bought based off of a keyword search, the more A9 thinks that product is relevant and so will boost its ranking for that particular keyword.

But how do you know if you have a good or bad conversion rate in the first place?  

It’s all very contextual.

A business in a competitive niche is going to generally have a lower conversion rate than those operating in a less aggressive market.  Sometimes, conversion rates need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Nevertheless, they are important to A9 and that means they are important to us.

Don’t You Already Have An Advantage Over eCommerce Stores?

Strictly speaking, yes you do.

This is because Amazon has such a large share of the selling market.  Customers are more likely to find a product here than anywhere else.

BUT that doesn’t mean you should stop here.

If you can convert 10x more than you are doing currently, you will get 10x more sales, taking your business to the next level.  You’ll be able to enter that new market or develop a new product that much quicker and make even more money.

So with all this being said, here are our top methods to increase Amazon conversions.

1.) Keyword Tracking Increases Amazon Conversions

When it comes to A9, keywords are the foundation of getting a product ranked highly on Amazon.  The more relevant the keyword, the more likely it will be found by a customer.

Effective keyword research is the number 1 method to increase your Amazon conversion rate.

Having a good conversion rate requires traffic.  You need to be generating an audience to your product.

However, not just any audience; it needs to be the right audience.  To do this you need to be using keywords that attract potential customers who are actively seeking your solution.

But how do you know that you’re using the right ones?

This is where the Keyworx keyword rank tracker tool comes in.

Here is a quick screenshot of it in action.

Our keyword position tracker enables you to find what keywords are ranking the best for your products.  It will even help you discover new ones.

From the example above, you can see how this product has been ranking on a specific keyword for the last few weeks.

We designed this tool with you, the seller, in mind.  It covers one word keywords to long tail so whatever you rank for, you can track its progress.

If you are in a competitive niche, our keyword tracker will also enable you to see how they are ranking for specific keywords.

You can take this information and apply the knowledge to get your products higher in the rankings.

The higher your product ranks for a keyword, the more likely a customer will purchase your product above anyone else’s.  A high ranking product results in more sales, therefore more conversions.

2.) Optimized Product Listings Boost Amazon Conversion Rates

This is particularly important for private-label products.

Having a listing that is functioning to its full potential will boost conversions and maximize profits overall.

We have covered this in huge detail in the complete guide to Amazon SEO post mentioned earlier so head on over there to see how to get the most from your listing.

3.) Good Product Photos Increase Conversion Rates

Considering all the detail in method 2, there’s a lot to be said on product images alone.

Bad quality images can kill your chances of a good click-through rate, no matter how optimized the rest of your listing is.  You need to make sure that your product photo is up to the same high standards.

This means you are going to need to put effort into showing your product in all its glory.

Products that have the best conversion rates have great photos.  It’s well known that people are highly unlikely to buy something if they cannot see it.

Don’t limit your listing to a single photo.  You need to have two at the bare minimum.

If you want to see a good example, take a look at these photos from Moscow Mule Copper Mugs:

These other photos should display the product at different angles and at least one should show it in action.  Context is key.

Another way to use images to boost conversion rates is to include a zoom in feature.

Your customers may want to see certain detailed aspects of the product looks like.  Give them that feature.

All these are things you should be looking to do.  Here is something you should not be doing:

Do not use stock photos.

They get ignored and do not provide any information about what your product does.  Even a blurry photo of your product is better than this so stay well away.

4.) Promotions Boost Conversion Rates

This is particularly helpful for businesses that are getting off the ground.

A big way to attract new customers, or get them to come back, is by giving them an incentive.  People don’t like to feel like they’re missing out; it’s just human nature.

Promotions should be placed at different points in your sales funnel.

Top of the sales funnel

At this point, look into creating interest in your product and referrals to your Amazon store.

One way you can do this is through social promotions by offering a customer with a reward in exchange for sharing the page with a friend.  This will increase organic searches, which boosts rankings, which boosts conversions.

Plus, as part of these promotions, you can include an opt-in feature, collect contact information and send them other promotional content down the line.  Email marketing is one of the most signed up for platforms.

So that’s the top of the funnel.

Going down the sales funnel

The further down you go, the more it’s about keeping potential customers interested in what you have to offer so they make a purchase.

Customers are more incentivized to make a purchase if they are offered a price-based discount or a value-based discount (product related).

This makes checking out a lot more appealing to a customer which is going to increase conversion rates.

5.) Customer Reviews Increase Conversion Rates

A large portion of customers base their purchasing decisions based on how well a product is rated.

It makes sense; people want to buy products that have been received well by other customers.

It’s not just about getting great reviews either.  In fact, products that have both positive and negative reviews are going to be trusted products.  Of course, you need to have a lot more 5 star than 1 star to make it high on the rankings.

But the trick is getting these reviews in the first place.  Without them, your products will not rank as high which will decrease conversion rates.

Here are some ideas that you should look to get customers to leave a review:

Email customers after they have purchased a product

This method work really well but the key to this is getting the timing of the email right.

You need to make sure the customer has had enough time to receive the product and use it enough to get a good feeling for it.

On the other hand, the request needs to be sent while the purchase is still on their mind.

With all this in mind, sending the request around 10 days after purchase is a good balance between both concerns.

Use Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program

The Early Reviewer Program is a service offered directly by Amazon to get newer products reviewed.  It’s hard enough getting sales at the beginning, let alone getting a product reviewed.

Amazon will reach out to a random selection of customers that have already purchased the product and asks if they would be interested in leaving a review.

An interesting thing to note about this is that Amazon will not contact anyone that has had a history of leaving dishonest or abusive reviews in the past.

There is a catch though: you will have to pay for this service.  However, it is a reasonably small price to pay to get those much needed early reviews.

I found a post over at Web Retailer where there are whole bunch of other ways on how to get customer reviews.  The link is here if you’re interested.

6.) PPC Advertising Increases Amazon Conversions

This is because when you pay for the advertising, Amazon will place your product higher up in search listings.  Your product will be one of the first products customers see from that keyword search.  It will be listed as a sponsored product.

As we already know, the higher your product ranks on Amazon, the chances of a sale increase dramatically which improves conversions.

Amazon places sponsored products in best view of a customer so the chances of being seen increase (after all, they want customers to click it so they get paid!)

It will look something like this:

PPC campaigns are also relatively low risk because you will only pay when a customer uses that advert to view your product.

If you have optimized your product listing well, including the use of great images, then customers are going to ‘Add to cart’ at a much better rate.

This method can also make use of our keyword tracker tool.  PPC campaigns are all about getting the most out of keywords.

If you end up paying for keywords that do not produce the goods, you will not only lose money but also conversions.

Select the right keywords for your advertising campaign and watch your click-through rates soar.

7.) Full Inventories Boost Amazon Conversions; No Stock Does Not

This is a particular danger during promotional periods where you will experience a greater volume of sales than usual.

You need to make sure that your Amazon store never runs out of stock.

A9 actually takes no stock as a sign of a poor quality store.  Stores that run out of stock tend to have a higher return or refund rate compared to stores with plenty of inventory.

Plus, most importantly, how is a customer meant to buy from you if you can’t supply them?  It’s unlikely they will wait around for the next week or so while you stock up.

Customers will just go to another store and purchase their product.

This does damage to your store twofold:

  1. They clicked off your page after viewing it.  This decreases your conversion rate.
  2. They purchased from a competitor.  This increases their conversion rate.

So the point to take away from this is to make sure your stock levels are always high enough to cover demand.

Keyworx Can Help You Boost Your Amazon Conversion Rate

Keeping on top of your inventory and getting customer reviews are also great ways to boost conversion rates

However, effective keyword research is the difference between getting a few product viewings and plenty of sales.  The Keyworx tracker tool will be able to help you discover these keywords.

Not only that, you will be getting the right kind of traffic.  Ultimately, your goal is sales. If your keywords are making your product discoverable to the wrong audience, you will not convert as well.

Contact us and take full advantage of what Keyworx can do you for you and watch those numbers rise!