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The Rise Of The Mighty Podcast & How Podcasts Are Killing TV [Infographic]

Podcast Growth Statistics

Hopefully this infographic has gone a long way in helping you understand just how phenomenal the growth of podcasts has been.

The combination of convenience, regular downtime for example in public transport, the explosive growth of smartphones and a myriad of other factors has given podcasting a completely unprecedented growth pattern.

It may be surprising to hear that almost half of all podcast listeners listen to the majority of an episode when you consider that some episodes are 3 hours long or longer, but it begins to make sense when you think about how easy it is to listen to podcasts through earphones in different places or while travelling.

Podcasts provide a convenience and versatility that television simply can’t match, which is why podcast listeners are spending an average of over 6 hours per week listening (beating even music streaming services like Apple Music).

But such a fast growth means there are still people learning about podcasts every day, and chances are there are even some people on this page who aren’t entirely sure what a podcast is.

So, let’s start at the beginning and look at what a podcast is, and how they took over the world!

What’s a Podcast?

A podcast is a form of digital audio entertainment, typically delivered in the form of an episodic series of talk shows, similar to an online radio show.
Episodes can usually be downloaded or streamed, allowing listeners to consume the content at their own pace or even in different orders, making podcasts much less rigid and more accessible than traditional radio programming.

How Many Podcasts Are There?

New podcasts sprout up so quickly that this can be kinda difficult to get an accurate number on, but the most recent numbers from early 2019 point to around 660,000 series and around 28 million episodes.
While this may sound like a lot, did you know there are currently 440 million blogs in the world?
This means that despite the rapid growth of the podcast industry, it is still a long way from being overcrowded, making it arguably the best time to start one yourself.
Did you know 50% of all homes in the USA are podcast fans? (Nielson Q3 2017 Podcast Insights)

(Image Source: Infinite Dial 2018)

If you’re looking for a new form of content or content marketing, podcasting is ripe for the picking right now, bursting with demand and eager fans but still relatively low on supply and competition.

Most Listened to Podcast

 Apple maintains regular chart listings showing the most listened to podcasts, and the changes in podcasting trends are more common and varied than you might think.
The most listened to podcast overall though, is The Joe Rogan Experience, which has been near the top of the charts for several years now.
Joe posts around 5 episodes per week, each of which can run up to and beyond 3 hours in length.
He follows the most popular podcasting format which is to interview a new guest every episode,  but his series does not have any particular theme or sphere of interest.
This is a testament to how podcast fans are willing to listen to and explore different things, along with how creating a show that’s easy to listen to and relatable is perhaps more important than the overall subject of a podcast.
It seems that once listeners make a habit of listening to a show and become a fan of a presenter, they are willing to listen to them talk about almost any subject.
This is further suggested by the fact plenty of other top-performing podcasts are on academic topics, such as Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.
Self improvement topics such as fitness, money and spirituality are also among the most popular, suggesting that listeners are attracted to series they can get some value from while relaxing and listening as they go about their day.
In fact, two of the most common questions being searched online regarding podcasts are “podcasts to listen to while driving” and “podcasts to listen to while running”, which suggests that not only are podcasts replacing music in people’s daily lives, but people actually crave new podcasts to listen to whenever they get an hour or two spare and are hungry for new content – excellent news if the podcasting market is something you’re looking to get into.
In fact, what might be even more surprising is that some of the most successful podcasts were developed to add value to certain brands, with Blue Apron, Mastercard and Trader Joe’s all running some of the most popular podcasts in the world.
This means podcasts aren’t just a place you can attempt content marketing, it’s a an industry in which the audience are actively welcoming it!

Why do People Like Podcasts?

While the infographic above has already gone a long way towards answering this question, there are a huge range of reasons why podcasts are great, not least because they provide real, actionable value and allow listeners to learn or be entertained in situations where they would usually be unable to, for example while hiking, driving or sitting on the train.

Podcasts can provide inspiration and new ideas to creatives and professionals, improve listeners’ mindsets, help you find new ways of improving your fitness, relationships, or even educate you on subjects you never had chance to study.

With podcast statistics in 2019 rapidly growing, and with how many people listen to podcasts increasing quickly too, content marketers and online entrepreneurs would be missing a huge opportunity not to dip their toes into the podcast industry this year.

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